Client: De Persgroep

HLN Regio

My second project for De Persgroep publishing was a spin-off site of the current site. Filled with regional news and content uploaded by its users (UGC = User Generated Content). For the first release it was never the intention to make it responsive. This probably will be for a later phase. The way we built this site allows for for a minimum of effort to make it responsive.


Our CSS approach is a combination of a modular architecture with Smacss, Sass and BEM

@charset "UTF-8";
// DO NOT REMOVE the @charset
// old Firefox needs this

// import all partials here

//  We use the SMACSS approach
// SMACSS = Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS
// At the very core of SMACSS is categorization.
// By categorizing CSS rules, we begin to see patterns and can define better practices around each of these patterns.
// There are five types of categories:
// 1. Base
// 2. Layout
// 3. Module
// 4. State
// 5. Theme

@import 'site-settings';
@import 'mixins';
@import 'base/base';
@import 'layout/layout';
@import 'modules/modules';
@import 'states/states';
@import 'theme/theme';


“F*$k jQuery” is our motto. Not that we don’t like jQuery, we just think it bloats our codebase because a lot of what it contains we don’t use at all and because of all the custom development we have to do. We use microframeworks like Bonzo and Qwery to handle any cross-browser issues and to simplify the way we write JS. We already have our own custom library which we can use across various projects.